Friday 2 March 2018

Mono Competitions

For those who couldn't battle through the blizzard to see the entries, here are the result of the Competitions.

Mono Print - Novice

1st.  Faith                                           - Allan Giles
2nd. Bullrushes at Brockhampton     - Irene Mills
3rd.  Italian Chapel                            - Allan Giles
HC   The Lady and Her Daydream    - Mike Yates
C      She's a Real Heavy Rocker        - Mike Yates
C      Weir Garden Hereford               - Irene Mills

Mono Print - Advanced

1st.  White Sail                                    - Steve Mills
2nd. Sepia Study                                  - Steve Mills
3rd.  Life's a Drag                                 - Paul Randall
HC   Race to the Finish                         - John McNaughton
HC   Glen Coe                                       - Tom Swallow
C      Crossing the Line                          - Paul Randall
C      Road Through the Mountains       - Andy Askey
C      Windy Day                                    - Tom Swallow

Mono Panel

1st.  Dad's Tools                 - Andy Askey
2nd. Keep a Lookout          - Allan Giles 
3rd.  Off-Road Driving       - Pat Osborne
HC   Glasses                       - Tom Swallow
C      3 Days in Glen Etive  - Andy Askey

Thanks to all Members who submitted entries.

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