Friday 30 March 2018

Annual DPI Competitions

Novice DPI

1st.  Coastal Cottage               -  June Hurley
2nd. Contemplation                 -  Irene Mills
3rd.  Nativity Window             -  June Hurley
HC   Dahlia                              -  Irene Mills
C      A Winter Family Scene   -  Mike Yates

Advanced DPI

1st.  Sun Setting, Castle Stalker   -  Tom Swallow
2nd. Dawn, Rannoch Moor          -  Tom Swallow
3rd.  Enjoying the Evening Sun   -  Pat Osborne
HC   Colourful                             -  Tom Swallow
C      Hollyhock                            -  Steve Mills

Portrait DPI

1st.  Firefighter Instructor            -  John McNaughton
2nd. Chloe                                    -  Julie Pegg
3rd.  Brother & Sister                   -  John McNaughton
HC   Proud to Wear the Badge     -  Mike Yates
C      Washing Mum's Hair           -  Pat Osborne

Thanks to all those who submitted entries. The Judge did comment on the high standard of the images and that he enjoyed the evening.

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