Friday 15 December 2017

Taking the camera out in the snow

Simon and I went over to Attingham Park on the first snowy day. There was more snow Shropshire way than here, so the journey wasn't too bad. As we walked through the grounds we could see a low lying mist over the fields which added to a magical feel. The deer were gathering at the top of the hill. As I hoped they stood out from the snow much better than the normal grassland background. The mist we saw rolled eerily up the hill, covered us and the deer and then faded away. It was a most unusual experience and made for some interesting shots. Best of all we got the car out of the car park without a push.

The next morning there was a heavy snowfall at home. After clearing the drive on Monday (before dawn!) I used the last of the blue hour to try traffic trails out. Thanks to Gary for his recent workshop. There wasn't really enough traffic, but an obliging van came along,indicated and pulled up down the road, so I got one decent shot. 

Pat Osborne

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