Friday 15 December 2017

4th. Merit Competition 2017/8 - Results

Mono Print (Novice + Advanced Combined)

1st.  Tread Carefully                   -  Paul Randell
2nd. Snowdonia                          -  Tom Swallow
3rd.  Seamstress                          -  David Williams
HC   Mary                                   -  Steve Mills
C      Battle Priory                       -  David Williams

Colour Print (Novice + Advanced Combined)

1st.  Ballooon                              -  Tom Swallow
2nd. Loyalist                               -  Irene Mills
3rd.  Lighthouse Solway Firth    -  Phil Gibson
HC   Morning Blues                    -  Andy Askey
C     Cockerel                               -  Steve Mills
        Battle scarred                       -  Steve Mills
        Boy Racer                            -  Pat Osborne

DPI Novice

1st.  Louise Wears her Party Dress -  Mike Yates
2nd. Steven Wants to be Famous    -  Mike Yates
3rd.  Ready for a Rainy Day            -  Irene Mills
C      Winderemere                           -  Allan Giles

DPI Advanced

1st.  Mother's Talk                          -  Paul Randell
2nd. Stunning View                        -  Tom Swallow
3rd.  Tree & Hay                             -  Phil Gibson
HC   Hollyhock                               -  Steve Mills
C      Onward Christian Soldiers     -  Phil Gibson

Thanks to All who submitted entries and those who helped the evening go smoothly.

David Williams

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