Wednesday 28 October 2015

Tony's Travels (contd.)

The rest of September

15-09 Eating alfresco has always been a favourite with us and it's so easy to bag a shot like this.

16-09 to 20-09 are all taken in Rue des Teinturiers which in the 19th and early 20th century used be the centre of dying and weaving. We first found it 6 years ago when it was a bit seedy and neglected, in fact we found out it was a hot spot for drugs. Today it's a trendy very fashionable street which has been in some ways sanitized. Still interesting but not quite the same edge to it.

21-09 Electric bikes for hire.

22-09 The second of the weeks flea markets, I was quite interested in the little Rollie 35 outfit to add to my collection until the vendor said 250€!

23 to 25 all taken in the numerous cafes dotted around the square.

26-09 A lavender still.

27-09 Any French town worth its salt has a carousel, Avignon's is superb.

28-09 I know how he feels and I was not lugging a big heavy dSLR around!

29-09 No matter where you go the humble pigeon is there.

30-09 Avignon's TGV station. On the walls is work from the recent Rencontres d'Arles.

Tony Middleton

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