Monday 26 October 2015

One day, a belated September

September, a month to remember some days and to try to forget the rest.
My project to do a shot a day had a severer setback this month. Yes, we went
on holiday to Avignon and it was hot, very hot! We did not take the car as we
normally would but flew to Paris to miss the hold ups at Calais and then took
the TGV to Avignon. The French SNCF state owned railways are an eye
opener, fast (300kph, 650km in less than 3hours), inexpensive (under 100€
return Paris-Avignon or even less depending when you travel) comfortable
and well used. Oh I nearly forgot, on time too! A bit different from our
profiteering chaos. We sent all week inside the city walls, relaxing, enjoying
the cafes and quiet back streets; we also spent some time in Paris on the Ile
St Louis on the way back home.

When we got home we both went down with some sort of infection and I
ended up back in the Manor with breathing problems. Recovering from this
has taken both of us some time so I hope you’ll understand why I’m using the
shots from our French trip for the whole of September and also October will
be some French stuff and may be some oldies. Hopefully I can resume one a
day in November.

The images…..

1-9 Waiting at Gare Lyon for the TGV
2-9 This café was three or four doors away from our apartment so it
became our breakfast stop. Excellent coffee and nice fresh buttery
croissants heaven!
3-9 The twice-weekly street market, typically French with almost anything
on sale. In the background you can see the hanging, living wall of Les
Halles, the indoor market.
04/06-09 Really fresh fish, fantastic chocolates and a general view in Les
7-9 One of the reasons I love France, reasonable priced restaurants
providing good fresh food.
8-9 270* pano from our balcony of the rooftops of Avignon. The building
on the right with the round roof is the synagogue.
09-09 The local brew! Not at all bad.
10-9 Um, not quite sure what to say about this.
11-9 The spray can merchants had been at work.
12- 09 The bishop’s palace.
13-9 A sign of the times, there were several cafes and shops in a bad way.
14-9  The street from our fifth floor balcony.

The rest of the month will follow in a day or two.

Tony Middleton

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