Thursday 2 July 2015

To the End of June

Rondal Partridge (September 4, 1917 – June 19, 2015) died a few days ago, he was not well known especially on this side of the pond. He was an assistant to Ansel Adams for many years but when he started to produce his own work he was the opposite to AA who wanted perfect images, no telephone wires etc; virginal prints Partridge called them. Rondal took 'as found'. Maybe he was rebelling, his mother was Imogen Cunningham. Worth a surf to see some of his work and compare it with his mother's and AA's.

The shadows against the stripes on my socks caught my eye

A common dog rose that has invade my garden

Montana clematis

A fledgling from one of the many nests in my garden who did not make it.

Reminder that a weed is a plant in the wrong place. I don't know what it is but I like it.

An other crocheted flower, there are dozens of then dotted around the village

Strange markings in the village

If you think the sunset looked like this think again, the shot was under-exposed by 2 stops

Remember these? A classic showing you don't need the whole to tell you what you are looking at.

One of the joys of life, sitting in the shade watching the world go by. This chap has lived in hisvillage all his life and still lives in the house he was born in.

An English rose
An ice cold melon just right on a hot summer afternoon.

Tony Middleton

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