Monday, 26 May 2014

On Birmingham Streets

Well for the last 4 weeks I haven’t been able to hold a camera following an operation on my elbow. Decided to make a trip into Birmingham today and have a go at street photography. What a lovely day - it was sun shining and no RAIN.

John McNaughton


  1. Four good shots John, nice to see some people pictures rather than all the landscapes.I know that classic street work was in mono, but it was all that was readily available, but the streets are full of colour. Personally I'd love to see these in colour to show the real atmosphere of the city in the sun.

  2. I am tending to disagree with Tony here. I am someone who normally avoids mono but these images have inspired me to give it a try for character shots. B/W has made me look at the expressions on the faces more carefully whereas colour would distract me. Image 4 is certainly lively!

    Where I would still use colour in street photography would be to capture some of the parades that take place in all weathers. Sadly I've in Birmingham recently when events have been taking place and I'm left kicking myself that I haven't got my camera with me.