Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The Photography Show at the NEC

When I retired I thought I'd no longer go to any of these shows however I've found that I needed a more flexible camera than my super X100 and you can get some really good deals at these shows.

I did, black Fuji X20, leather case and spare battery, retail on the web about £450 probably more on the high street - I paid £299! I very much doubt I'll ever use the never ready case but it may come in handy. More on this in the next post.

I'm always amazed at the huge number of people lugging great big Tamerac or Lowpro packs around a hot crowded show and unless they were trade these bods shooting flowers in the NEC had paid for the privilege.

Those fish and chips smelt good but then they should at what the NEC charges for them. 

As soon as he'd finished out came the new Canon lens.

I'm sure Mick's thinking 'his is bigger than mine' but as has been said many times, "Size is not important, it's what you do with it'!

Apart from me wanting a good deal the main reason we went was to hear Steve McCurry talking about his life and work. Boy is that guy dedicated to getting good images, shooting when up to your neck in very contaminated monsoon flood water in India is IMHO way beyond the call of duty.

Tony Middleton

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