Wednesday, 5 March 2014

My New Toy

Recently I've done a couple of shoots that the X100 was not suitable for so I had to resort to the Nikon with all it's bulk and weight. So I've been looking at high end compacts and finally decided on the Fuji X20.

Several reasons why, I've used Fuji lenses and cameras over the years in all sizes from 645 to 5x4 and have always been pleased with the results and build quality also their lenses are second to none including Leitz.

The X20 has a light well finished metal body, the controls are in the main well laid out, calling this camera a toy is an insult to it as it can be set up as a point and shoot or you can have full control over it. I'd happily cover a wedding using it. The unique sensor and processing engine give from what I've seen today very good results that look as good as the X100 from a smaller sensor but then there's nearly five years of development between the two cameras.

What I'm really saying is that for the sort of photography the average clubman does you do not, repeat do not, need a bag full of lens and gadgets to cover every eventuality and which will give you back ache.

Even pro's tailor their gear to what they do. Modern high end compacts and bridge cameras will do 95% if not 100% of a clubman's shoot. Get to know what you've got and don't hanker after the latest full frame all singing and dancing SLR which will probably be over kill for most people's needs. Remember it's the nut behind the viewfinder that makes the image good or not, the camera is just a tool.

I've not yet got the camera set up the way I want but here are a few shots from around Lichfield with camera settings nearly as they came out of the box. 

 .... and yes I had to take a trial image of my lunch, a small roast pork at the Causeway cafe in Dam Street, excellent value for £5.50 they also do an enormous large one for £7.50!
Tony Middleton

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