Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Another Great Workshop : Portrait Day

Many thanks to Gary and Ian for organising the studio portrait day on Sunday when members more used to taking landscape images had an opportunity to explore unfamiliar territory.
The first hour was spent setting up different lighting configurations and sorting out camera settings.  Then, once Gary had provided tips on portrait technique, we were free to experiment.
There was plenty of interesting subject matter - the young, fresh faces of Olivia, Ebony, Kirsty, Laura and Jordan – and the more lived in features provided by members of the society.  As well as studio lighting, we explored the use of other environments and discovered that the entrance to The Community Centre provided a natural “soft box.”
On Sunday Gary talked about the use of light in the work of great painters and, although we may not have produced any images worthy of Rembrandt  (or even Picasso), we had fun and should see some more interesting portrait work displayed in members’ work.
Ann Galbraith

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