Friday 29 March 2013

Competition Night 28th March

Our judge, Mark Wilbrey, began the evening by explaining that he would be looking for what Roland Barthes described in "Camera Lucida"  as studium and punctum.

Mark explained that simply put:
Studium = camera skills, composition
Punctum = does the image have something that grabs you - does it evoke a feeling or memory?

There are many references on the internet to Roland Barthes and his ideas about reading photographs including the article Reading Photographs by Hans Durrer and More quotes from Roland Barthes .

If you have more links to articles about reading photographs that you think we should view please let us know.

Mark advised everyone to take photographs for themselves to enjoy rather than following rules because of what a judge might say.

Some of Mark Wilbrey's images can be viewed on his website.

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  1. try 'sontag on photography' by susan sontag. not a picture in the book but it'll make you think about your photography, published in the 80's it's still on most fine art photography reading lists.