Friday 29 March 2013

Annual DPI - Advanced Results

Our judge: Mark Wilbrey

Annual DPI

Kimmeridge Bay At Sunset

Andy Askey

The judge said," A good viewpoint. Wonderful light."
Clifton Bridge

Gary Allkins

The judge said, "Some HDR here but it is not overdone. It is wonderful to see - I enjoy this image a lot."
The Last Cast

Tom Swallow

The judge said," A calm image. The wonderful light coming in over the water emphasises the two guys who are having a good time."
Highly Commended
Church Spire

Tom Swallow

The judge said," It looks like a simple reflection yet it is quite difficult to do!

There is lots of meaning plus patterns in the cobbled street."
High Speed Travel

Chris Durrant

The judge said," A massive sense of humour hits us here.The girl doesn't look as if she has been stuck in. She might  win the race."
Ogwen Reflection

Gary Allkins

The judge said," The author of this image knows about picture composition."

Phil Gibson

The judge said, "This reminds me of an environmental statement."

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