Friday 4 May 2018

Competition Results

Colour Print - Novice

1st.  Reed Warbler                               - Graham Cherry
2nd. Special Moment with Miss Red   - Mike Yates
3rd.  Rhythm in Red                             - June Hurley
HC   Studio Glass                                 - Irene Mills
C      April Shower                                - June Hurley
C      Chimneys and Spires                    - Irene Mills

Colour Print - Advanced

1st.  Dawn Approaching Rannoch Moor   - Tom Swallow
2nd. Glorious Game                                   - John McNaughton
3rd.  Autumn Softness                                - Pat Osborne
HC   A Break in the Weather                      - Tom Swallow
C      Deer in the Drifts at Dusk                   - Pat Osborne
C      Special Delivery                                  - Pat Osborne

Colour Panel - Open

1st.  Glasses                                                 - Tom Swallow
2nd. 3 Tulips                                                - Andy Askey
3rd.  Transient Light                                    - Andy Askey
HC   Padley Gorge Waterfalls                     - Tom Swallow
C      Gas St. Basin as Dusk Falls                 - Allan Giles
C      Reflections at Skyspace                       - Pat Osborne
C      Evening Sky, Medieval Lake               - Mike Yates

Once again, stunning images, making it really difficult for the Judge. Keep up the good work next season.

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