Friday 29 September 2017

1st. Merit Competition 2017

Here are the results from our first competition of the new season.The few number of Novice entries meant that all Categories were for combined Groups.

Mono Prints

1st.   Doorstep Chanteur           -  David Williams
2nd.  Cutting Thro' the Field     -  Paul Randall
3rd.   You Listening to Me        -  Paul Randall
HC    Race to the Finish            -  John McNaughton
HC    Sunset over the Sea          -  Julie Pegg*
C       The Sadness of Begging   -  Mike Yates*
C       Still Life Study                 -  Steve Mills

Colour Prints

1st.    Glorious Game                     -  John McNaughton
2nd.   Approaching Bad Weather  -  Tom Swallow
3rd.   Bristol Balloon Festival        -  Tom Swallow
HC    Wine O'clock                        -  Pat Osborne
HC    Griffin Mantis                       -  Jean Tansley
C       Tamar                                    -  Mike Yates*
C       Red Kite in Flight                 -  Andrew Barrett
C       Misty Landscape                   -  Carol Barrett


1st.   St. Mary's Lighthouse              -  Tony Davis
2nd.  Keeping Time                          -  Paul Randall
3rd    Sidecar Action                         -  Paul Randall
HC    Female Sparrowhawk              -  Andrew Barrett
HC    Redcoat                                    -  Steve Mills
C       Pre- Raphaelite Lady               -  Mike Yates*
C       Gypsy Child                             -  Carol Barrett
C       Dead Flower                             -  Julie Pegg*

Congratulations to all Entrants for producing such marvellous images.
* Special congratulations to these Novice Group entrants. They will receive 1st. & 2nd. Place points in accordance with the recent changes to the Competition Rules.

Finally, THANK YOU to all those who helped during the evening. Couldn't have done it without you.

David Williams

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