Thursday 15 June 2017

Pat the Petrolhead

Who thought Pat was a Petrolhead?

Simon and I went to Coventry Motofest on Sunday to watch the boy racers. Last year I was lucky and found a gap in the fence to poke my lens through. In case it wasn't there this year Simon carried a pair of steps for me, we did feel a daft and got some funny looks from people. The steps weren't really high enough and eventually my gap became free. I tried fast shutter speeds 1/250s and slow panning 1/15 -1/30s. The most successful shots have something to convey movement, either blur or smoke. Otherwise the cars look like they were parked, not whizzing by.

I spoke to the wife of the SCR car; she pinched my space to video him. I sent them some of my pictures of his car. I was thrilled that he liked them and wants to put some on his social media. He suggested I watermark them and add copyright details, so I have done that this morning in Lightroom. Fortunately my photo magazine had an article on how to do it this month. I took inspiration for my logo from Gary's that I saw on the DVD he made for my friend Geeta after the portrait day.

Free event, £1 to park. What is not to like? Noise, smoke and getting covered in rubber dust!

Pat Osborne

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