Thursday 27 April 2017

3rd. Annual Competition Results

These are the results of the Annual Competitions held on 30th. March

Novice DPI (Class G)

1st:  A Winter Sunset               - Mike Yates
2nd: From Pit to Pasture          - Pat Osborne
3rd:  Inspiring Light                   - Allan Giles
HC:  Soul Searching                 - Allan Giles
HC:  The Bridesmaid's Bracelet -Pat Osborne

Advanced DPI (Class F)

1st:  Storm Approaching           - Tom Swallow
2nd: Wasp on Dahlia                - Jean Tansley
3rd:  Normanton at Night           - Gary Allkins
HC:  Early Morning Borrowdale - Tom Swallow
HC:  In for the Tackle                - John McNaughton
HC:  Old Truck                          - David Galbraith
C:     Powerboat                        - Paul Randall
C:     Swans                              - Phil Gibson

Portrait (Class H)

1st:  Ragged Urchin             - Paul Randall
2nd: Deep in Thought          - Tom Swallow
3rd:  My Son-in-Law, Dave! - Tom Swallow
HC:  Taking Time Out          - Jean Tansley
HC:  Kickboxer                     - Gary Allkins
C:     Sadness                      - Tom Swallow
C:     The Cook                     - Paul Randall
C:     90 Yrs of Memories     - Pat Osborne

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