Monday 16 May 2016

Merit and Annual Awards

The annual awards presentation ceremony was held following the AGM.

The recipients of the Awards were as follows.

Merit Awards - Novice

Mono    1st. Paul Randall            2nd. Graham Cherry  3rd. Jean Tansley

DPI       1st. Jean Tansley           2nd. Nicky Isley          3rd. Sally Birch

Colour  1st. Sally Birch               2nd. Paul Randall       3rd. Graham Cherry

Merit Awards - Advanced

Mono    1st. Gary Allkins              2nd. Tom Swallow       3rd. Tony David

DPI        1st. John McNaughton    2nd. Andy Askey         3rd. Rich Marsden

Colour   1st. Gary Allkins             2nd. Andy Askey         3rd. Phil Gibson

Annual Awards

Landscape (Class A)  1st.Tony Davis    2nd. John McNaughton  3rd. Rich Marsden

Creative (Class B)       1st. Bill Lakin      2nd. Tom Swallow          3rd. Jean Tansley

Mono - (Class C)         1st. Andy Askey  2nd. Andy Askey            3rd. Bill Lakin

Mono - (Class D)         1st. Paul Randall 2nd. Graham Cherry      3rd. Paul Randall

Mono Panel (Class E) 1st. Bill Lakin       2nd. Tony David            3rd. Andy Askey

DPI - (Class F)             1st. Andy Askey   2nd. Richard Marsden   3rd. David Williams

DPI - (Class G)            1st. Jean Tansley 2nd. Pete Bissell            3rd. Graham Cherry

Portrait (Class H)        1st. Gary Allkins   2nd. Gary Allkins           3rd. Julie Pegg

Colour - (Class J)        1st. Andy Askey   2nd. Tom Swallow         3rd. Tom Swallow

Colour - (Class J)        1st. Pat Osborne  2nd. Graham Cherry     3rd. Graham Cherry

Colour Panel (Class K)1st. Pete Bissell  2nd. Gary Allkins           3rd. Graham Cherry

And finally,

Photographer of the Year - Andy Askey

Congratulations to all.

Chris Durrant

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