Wednesday, 16 December 2015

One a Day - 15 to 30 November

Christmas gets closer, I'm an inter-net shopper especially in the weather we've been having. I see no pleasure at all in wandering around crowded wet and windy streets and stores especially as the standard of manners between people has deteriorated so much, sorry, thank you, excuse me, etc are no longer in common usage. Everyone seems in such a rush.

There are exceptions, browsing in Majestic wines can be pleasant and even supermarkets can be reasonably civilised if you pick your times, Fridays between 13-00 and 14-30 at my two local supermarkets are almost pleasurable as they are nearly empty of people. It's a sad fact of life that at through the ages the pace of life has not usually made allowances for the elderly.

Enough of an old chaps grumps. The images;

15-11 Always have a camera with you, I usually have the X20 on the passenger seat of the car and this is a shot through the passenger side window.

16-11 The weather is so unpredictable, for a while the sun shone after the day before's rain . This is a stitched image from 5 shots panning vertically. The resulting image needed some work with the warp tool to correct the distortion.

17-11 My 1/32 scale Mercedes SSK

18-11 Remains of someone's lunch.

19-11 First snow of the winter.

20-11 One of the daily chores.

21-11 A luddites writing gear. I've just received a hand written letter and photographs from a friend in Sydney, so much nicer and personal than an email.

22-11 A corner of Norton's church yard.

23-11 Anchor Road Aldridge from the top of the car park.

24 11 A quiet pint in a proper old fashioned pub.

25-11 I may be getting on in years but I fail to see why someone's' done this. Is life so boring for to-days youth? At least it's better than shooting at the wild life!

26-11 Most of the day was spent on the phone to the hospital to see if they wanted me in

for a bone marrow biopsy so here's one from a few years ago, the corrical makers hut at Ironbridge. Sadly the old boy who made them died some years ago but his hut remains.

27-11 I love cloud reflections, this one is at Chasewater.

28-11 No idea what this plant is.

29-11 I find it amazing that things like this 1930's Oxo tin survive, this one's used to store old batteries. At auction a mint one can make a fair sum for what it is, this one about £10/15.

30-11 The grammar of ornament stationery box .

Tony Middleton

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