Thursday 13 August 2015

The Start of August

......has been as bad as the end of July. Getting old can be not much fun but I think I'm rather glad I had my war time childhood when I did which was pretty free and easy, playing out doors, exploring the local woods, fishing for stickle backs and generally not having much stress even at a '50's boy's Grammar school with all it's discipline. Also I enjoyed a period when photography was special, when new cameras and materials came out it was an event not like today when a yearly upgrade seems obligatory. For most people having a photograph taken was special and usually only done on high days and holidays, today with admittedly good quality camera/phones every one takes pictures. There was an interesting talk on radio 4 about what people did with all their selfies etc, apparently prints are on the wane and most don't even get put on to hard storage. The conclusion was that most eventually get deleted and only a few 'keepers' (horrid description) are kept on the phone. It's becoming a very strange world to someone my age. Enough of my soapbox here are a few from the beginning of the month.

01-08 A small impromptu memorial to my late mother-in-law, her photograph was placed in a bowl of potpourri several years ago and it's stayed there over the years.
02-08 A bit of an abstract.
03-08 I felt in need of a fillip so I bought a new watch, I've always loved Danish design so this is my indulgence.
04-08 A short stop in a Little Chef for what passes as coffee.
05-08 Spot the one and only proper hat.
06-08 Seems ages since I did this sort of thing as a bit of fun from the commercial stuff.
07-08 Away from the maddening crowd, that'd make a good title for a book!
08-08 This renovated Burlingham caravan from 1936 was Coco the clowns when he worked 30years for the Bertram Mills Circus.
09-08 The Bure at Horning.
10-08 The Horsey Wind pump.
11-08 Getting an itch at Great Yarmouth.
12-08 Our digs for the few days in Norfolk, The Station House, Lingwood built in 1882. Trains still stop here

Tony Middleton

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