Saturday, 1 August 2015

HURRAH July has come to an end

Don’t want another month like the last one for some time if ever again. Both of us have been off colour at some time or other and we’ve had to cancel a few engagements. However here are the offerings for the last few days of the month, all back to the original concept of taking at least one image a day, not with the intention of winning a pot but sometimes making the little grey cells work a bit harder than usual.

22-07 I enjoy relaxing with soft lighting, a good book and incense; maybe a nice malt to complete the mood.

23-07 Sitting reading and I spotted this white brolly making its way across next-door’s hedge.

24-07 Some of the vanity bricks at Shenstone’s millennium clock.

25-07 Even after some drastic pruning nature does not give up.

26-07 A placemat made by one of my G-daughters some years ago, I’m still playing with the colour exercise in the Contemplative photography book.

27-07 Got a good crop of holy berries this year, should look good for Christmas.

28-07 A bit exotic for WS11

29-07 A bench that needs some TLC

30-07 Evening at Chasewater

31-07 Postie and that hedge!

Tony Middleton

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