Monday, 20 July 2015

Take one a day July 1-12

The beginning of July seems a long time ago and my memories of it are a mad round of visits to the doc’s, U3A meetings and gardening with the whole family joining in cutting lawns and cutting back over-grown hedges and shrubs. Since the 13th I've done absolutely nothing on this project due to the fact I was taken to A&E at the Manor which resulted in the rest of the week in there and the weekend resting. So for the next few days it’ll be two a day until I’ve caught up.

Well at last Europe has done something sensible and chucked out that stupid French idea that you needed the copyright owners permission to photograph buildings etc. You still have to be a bit careful in France where a person’s privacy is concerned, especially in some of the towns. I must admit with all the images I’ve made over there I’ve never been questioned as to my intent.

01/02/03 Taken in the evenings while having a few quiet moments wandering around the garden.

04 The bell on my G-daughter’s new bike

05/06/07/08/09 Taken on an evenings stroll round Aldridge to catch up with a weekend when I was unwell.

10 One for the imagination.

11 A bit of MCPF silver plate I found in a drawer, reversed just for fun.

12 Nice and juicy.

Tony Middleton

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  1. Its great to see this project of yours developing over the months. Wonderful set of varied images.