Wednesday 27 May 2015

More of One a Day

Joy's set of images at the fete made me realize that so far I've not done many people shots apart from while on holiday. Frankly this cold wind we keep getting is not conclusive to hanging around the streets so for a while it will have to be what I hope is an eclectic and interesting collection.

19-05 My village has entered the 'best kept village' competition. We gained a HC in last years which surprised me. This year the local schools and craft groups have decorated the village centre with art installations, the tree with its woolly flowers being one such.

20-05 I get my eggs off a super guy who comes round in a small van with eggs straight from the farm, the last half dozen have all been double yolkers, not seen that for years. They make super omelettes.

21-05 Naughty me, like an awful lot of others I'm type 2 but they do say a little of what you fancy does you good.

22-05 Don't know what this is called but it looks OK

23-05 I think this may come in handy for a bit of surreal montage if and when I get time.

That's it for now. The others to date are waiting to be sized and dated etc.

There is a long-standing argument as to which is best, digital or film. Until I got the X100 I'd always enjoyed using quality film cameras more than digital ones. The feel of a well-engineered Nikon F, a Hassy or a pre-war Voightlander or Zeiss is still a joy in it's self. The silky smooth way the shutters or lenses worked and the feel of a metal body all combined to make using the camera an event, even for a pro earning a crust with them. I know the digital M Leicas will have that same feel but they are way out of my price range but the X series Fuji come very close for that 'feel'. However when it comes to image quality most would say digital has it, the resolution, colour etc all out perform 35mm film and I agree. But what about medium and large formats? These blow digital out of the water even a PhaseOne IQ180 which costs a cool $55k or a Hassy H5D costing up to £40k.
Have a read here to get the facts 

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