Wednesday 8 April 2015

What a morning, switched on to check the holiday emails and the monitor screen background was green! Checked it with a couple of other computers and yup it was green. Still that Acer (I thought if it's good enough for Ferrari it's good enough for me) is about 12 years old and has had a hard life often running for 12 or more hours at a stretch, it's seen off three main machines all of which had motherboard problems. I got a BenQ GL2250 from Maplin for a very good price. The improvement made over those years is amazing. As usual it was set far too bright and contrasty for photographic work, it seems most now leave the factory set for gaming unless you are paying megabucks. This 22" 16:9 ratio set me back a penny under a ton, a big saving over other suppliers.

Anyway here's the first week of April's offerings. Marvellous what a bit of sun shine does, even got me out in the garden yesterday!
Tony Middleton

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  1. A nice eclectic set of images, it must be difficult to try to find something new each day. When the year is up I am sure that the entire collection with give a great snapshot of life through a photographers eye.