Wednesday 1 April 2015

New Arrivals

As some of you are aware I collect old cameras.  At the last count it was 76 examples some of which I'd used and kept, others have been generously donated. I've just picked up two additions off Ebay:
KODAK DUO 160 Art Deco c1934/5 Number 235997 and Finetta IVD c1950 Number 057654
I have described them in words and images here: New Arrivals (pdf)

UPDATE: My little Kodak Duo 620, detailed in the pdf, is rarer than I thought. There is very little info out in the WWW on this camera, I took my details from a US site which it appears was not fully comprhensive. A was quite common in the 30's and even after WW2 variations on a desighcould be made to use what materials were available. After some more digging and on a German site it lists that my camera has a Prontor shutter and was only made in very small numbers during 1933. Now I need to find out just how many and what that's done to the value - unfortunately a lot of records for that sort of data were lost during the war. But it seems my £13 has been well spent!

Tony Middleton

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