Tuesday 10 March 2015

March 1-10

Still plodding on with this. A trip down to Cornwall last weekend offered some interesting locations including my nice's studio of which more in a separate post.

 A few weeks ago someone commented that this project would make you take rubbish. Well I've taken that 'advice' and did a rubbish picture last month and there is another in this lot! Rubbish can be very photogenic.  

Take a look at Fay Godwin's "Glassworks". You may find a copy if you are lucky but there are some images on her web site and other sites. This book is a classic of pigeon holing, Fay was a superb mono landscape tog but for 'Glassworks' she exclusively used colour and I understand she had difficulty in getting it published as no one thought her colour work would sell, finally she did it herself. For various reasons I did not get a copy when it was published but a couple of years ago finally found one on US Ebay, it cost me $65 plus p&p! But it was mint and signed. It's a beautiful book full of wonderful abstract colour images. 

I'm also trying to do more surrealism as well as the abstracts, that's where comments would be welcome as to whether I'm on the right track.

Tony Middleton

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