Thursday 12 February 2015

Feb so far

Nearly two weeks into Feb, it'll be 2016 before we know it! How time flies when you get on a bit.

Coming back to the problem of people not commenting I think a lot of it is due to the lack of in depth education in the arts and the British reticence in displaying feelings.

And it will only get worse with all the cuts being imposed on local government, libraries, adult education and a lot of social activities are being hit hard.

It's not a generality that British people let others know their thoughts or feelings but it's only when you exchange ideas that you learn. Take that much maligned character the club judge, not an easy job I know from over 30 years experience that you will always upset someone. But it strikes me as strange when at the evenings end you usually hear complaints about the judging. Part of the problem is that everyone only only hears the judges comments. 

I've often thought it would be an idea if say the authors of the top three images debated why they took the image with the judge after the results have been declared. This would also make people think about why they did make that image. 

Another factor is that most judges, probably for the reasons above, are so objective; rarely do they tell you what the image makes them feel. What do you think???

Tony Middleton




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