Tuesday 10 February 2015

End of Month 1

Well that's got January over and so far it's been one a day!  

I'm researching Victorian/Edwardian fine art photography for a talk for U3A and it’s amazing what those early togs got up to, both photographically and in their personal lives.

Today we have the democratisation of photography with the digital revolution where every one takes pictures mainly of their family and friends, which is good, but where fine art photography, what ever that is to you, is concerned there seems, to my mind, to be a lack of depth both in the numbers of those doing it and in the images themselves. 

Being interested in art of all genres I look at a lot of digital art and as fantastic as some of it is there seems, to me, to be a lack of personal involvement. A lot of it is digital gimmickry for its sake rather than an artist expressing their thoughts. Technical wizardry is replacing the human involvement and more than ever how you did it is more important than why you did it.

Tony Middleton

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