Thursday 13 November 2014

Martin Parr

Have you been to see the exhibition at Walsall New Art Gallery on the Black Country as seen by this brilliant photographer? He has captured the essence of the place without a single landscape, people and signs are used to great effect. Well worth taking the time to study his images and see how he gets such effective shots and just how many so called rules he breaks.

Mike and I went to his talk on Tuesday, when asked if he'd go back to mono he said never, he likes the reality of colour. He also said that before you even take an image you have to know what you want, the content is all important, technique is a means to an end and you only need to know how to use it not all the theory behind it. He also placed great emphasis on producing books and bodies of work rather than single images.

Interesting that the audience was nearly all students with a few more mature types like Mick, Colin(a mate from Telford) and myself.

Tony Middleton

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