Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Thoughts on the Leica Edition 60

Interesting reading the reviews on this camera. There is a definite divide between those who want to play with their techno toys and those who want to make images.
The former are bemoaning the lack of features especially the screen. Why? They have completely missed the point of this camera. Do they not think that modern metering systems don't do a good job so they need to check or maybe they don't trust their framing skills and want to see how much of Uncle Willy's head they've chopped off?  

I've a feeling that most of the latter group have developed using film (sorry). Even in the digital age it used to be, may be still is, that first year photography students had to use film to instil in them the disciplines that result from using that medium. Taking an exposure reading and modifying it if required, transferring those readings to the camera and with a rangefinder, such as the Leica, actually manually focusing the image all makes you think about that image, what you want from it and how to get that effect.

What do you think? 

Tony Middleton

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