Tuesday, 16 September 2014

At Last - Proper Digital Camera!

No screen, no menu, no multitude of buttons just a beautiful tool for image making, one problem it costs, with 35mm lens, 15000€. The Leica M edition 60 ... this what Leica says on their web site.

''A single moment, four functions: shutter speed, aperture, focusing and ISO sensitivity. The Leica M Edition 60 reflects radical concentration on the basic essentials required for photography. In the place of a monitor screen, you find only an ISO setting dial. The photographer can savour the instant of releasing the shutter – with no distractions from superfluous technical features. All exposures are saved exclusively as RAW data in DNG format. Working with the Leica M Edition 60 demands the same care and attention as when working with analogue models. The sensor and electronics represent the pinnacle of contemporary, cutting edge technology. It allows the photographer to indulge in complete concentration on the subject or scene and savour the instant of capturing a special moment. Without the distraction of superfluous technical features. This is what makes the art of photography so immortal.''

If Leica can do it where are all the others? It's light, fast, unobtrusive and beautifully made, the ultimate camera in the Bauhaus tradition of function dictating form.

I'm hoping Fuji bring something similar out in their X series, it'll be nearly as well made and cost a lot less, hopefully a figure that a poor old OAP can afford!
Sanity may be coming to digital cameras!

Tony Middleton

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