Tuesday 11 March 2014

Frost and Fire - images from a roadtrip in Montana and Wyoming

This is a vast and beautiful landscape in which Man has attempted to make a mark but where the forces of Nature are powerful and ever-present. In Yellowstone National Park, the site of earth’s largest (currently nearly dormant) volcano, the ground steams and smokes, killing trees and constantly creating new structures. Elsewhere are the abandoned homes of the first white settlers as they spread west, hunting for fur or gold, seeking religious freedom or good farming land.

This trip had many magical and memorable moments, but perhaps the highlight was sunrise over the Teton mountains in Wyoming, catching the peaks and autumn aspens in the early light as coyotes called across the river.

Ann & David Galbraith


  1. I love the images, and I really enjoyed your talk a couple of weeks ago. All I need now, is to persuade my wife to make the trip!