Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Recommendations from David Yates

We  had a very good speaker -  David Yates -  a couple of weeks ago who was very much into mono. 

David has been back in touch and suggested some London exhibitions and also some websites that he follows. I have looked at a few of the websites, and some of the images are incredible. Also, some of the websites provide additional technical information about how the images were taken. 

Exhibitions in London:
    • David Bailey - Stardust from 6 February to 1st June at National Portrait Gallery
    • Tony Ray-Jones & Martin Parr until 16 March at Media Space Science Museum
    • Various at the Photographer's Gallery off Oxford St until 30 March.
    • Chris Shaw and Moriyama at Tate Britain to 30 March
    • Harry Callahan at Tate Modern until 31 May

Web sites that David Yates follows:  (– some of which he referred to during his presentation)

Pete Bissell

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