Friday, 6 December 2013

Birmingham Art Gallery - Photrealism Exhibition

There is a  Photorealism Exhibition in the Gas Hall at Birmingham Gallery until March 30th 2014. Entry:  £6.50, Concessions £5.50. More details.

Reviewed in The Telegraph


  1. Mr. Smart's trying to live up to his name, may be with a**e after it. With his biased establishment art view of the world he should have saved his rail fare and stayed 'darn sarf'. I've not yet seen this exy but I grew up with this sort of work by the likes of Klien, Frank, Frielander and Winogrand and in the 60/70's it was a revelation from the perceived 'correct' photography.

  2. Something went astray, I'm far from anonymous!!! Must have hit the wrong key.

  3. Hi when a message comes through where the person has chosen the anonymous option rather than Name/Url we don't see where the message has come from and cannot edit to add a name - even if I'm 99% sure :)