Friday, 2 August 2013

Exciting Times!

There is exciting news concerning Aldridge Photographic Society resulting from the hard work and commitment to provide a varied and stimulating program of photography based subjects.
Workshops 2013 – 2014 Season:
Based upon the positive feedback we’ve received from the workshops and photo walks over last season and this summer, we have decided to extend the workshops as a regular monthly event which is currently being worked into the new season’s programme.
It has been proposed that the workshops this year will be practical based and involve using your cameras, the idea is to temporarily move away from the software based tutorials, although one of the workshops can be based on either Lightroom, Photoshop or Elements, if there is enough interest. The emphasis will be on getting it right in the camera first, this will take a couple of extra seconds but can save you hours in front of a computer correcting exposure, white balance and straightening up the horizon.
For the people who would like one-to-one tutorials, we recommend the members can choose or nominate a person who will gladly tutor out of hours (not on a club or workshop night), a list of available people is being drafted.
The workshops to be held or based in the committee room at Aldridge Community Centre hopefully on the 3rd Tuesday every month. If it is nice outside then we can split into groups and take advantage of the good weather.
Improving your photography is not about walking around with your camera hoping to get a good image, it is about being in control, pre-visualisation and knowing the subject matter.  The workshops are aimed specifically at making the photographer more whole and will give you a bigger vocabulary in all things photography, so that when faced with a situation you are well equipped knowledge wise and can deal with it in an intuitive way.  After all this tuition you will most probably be taking less pictures but every image will be a keeper, instead of trawling through a card’s worth of images to find a good one.
Subject matter for consideration as follows: 
·         Camera control - basics to advanced settings, taking your camera out of auto mode.
·         Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO Settings

Gary Allkins

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