Thursday 8 August 2013

Curiosities - The Bear Hut

At Killerton House (NT)  in Devon there is a quirky summer house   It was built for Lydia - Lady Acland - in the 1860's.  It later became known as the Bear's Hut when her grandson, Gilbert, used it to house a pet bear which he had shipped over from Canada. Each of the three rooms is built with different materials - the floors with cobbles, deer knuckle bones and log sections - the ceilings with basketry, matting and deer skins. The stained glass window in the "hermit's chamber" was made in the Netherlands in the sixteenth century.
The Bear Hut
Ceiling - Matting

Deer Knuckle Bones Floor
Deer Skin Ceiling

Log Floor

Stained Glass
Window Section


Joy Owen

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