Saturday, 27 July 2013

Zombies in Birmingham



Photographers waited in Birmingham today for the annual Zombie Walk. The aim of the Zombie Walk is for people to  dress up, have fun and raise money for Birmingham Children’s Hospital.




 The images above may not portray the fun of the event! Many of the walkers were very good actors and certainly surprised many shoppers when they appeared in the town centre at 4.30 pm. Previously there had been a friendly party atmosphere in the gardens on Cambridge Street.

Joy Owen


  1. Nice set of images captured there Joy, did you stand on the wall too to take your pictures.

  2. Hi - No Tony I didn't feel qualified to stand on the wall. Still a novice! They may well have been more selective than me too - I took 361 pics. I've narrowed them down to about 100 and may ask you to view them so beware :)