Sunday, 7 April 2013

Under the Influence - an update on Thursday's session

I was asked on Thursday for a book list. Here's the one from my web site. It's a bit out of date regarding prices etc and for some you may have to use ebay:

‘The Art of Photoshop' Daniel Giordan Sams Publishing £36.50

‘Erotique Digitale' MacDonald & Cook Ilex Press £ 18.00 ( adult content)

....and a book that's not about digital imaging but it will teach you what makes a superb mono print. Remember if it can be done in the darkroom you can do it in Photoshop, you just have to work out how...

‘Black & White Workshop' John Blakemore David & Charles £22.50
'How to' books on Photoshop are legion, I'd recommend ones by Martin Evening or Scott Kelby; these two guys really do know what they are talking about.
Here are a few inspirational books. Some are out of print but you can find them on e-bay or Amazon....

'On Photography' Susan Sontag Penguin books £ 4.99

'The Ongoing Moment' Geoff Dyer Little Brown

'The Art of Photography 1839-1989' Ed Mike Weaver Yale Uni Press
chronicles the development of the first 150 years of photography

'The Stilled Gaze' John Blakemore Zelda Cheatle press

'Inscape'John Blakemore Zelda Cheatle press
two truly inspirational books with mono images from the master monochrome printer

'In my mind's eye' Charlie Waite photographers institute press
mono landscapes

'American Images 1945-1980' Ed Peter Turner Penguin books

'The Art of Photography 1839-1989' Ed Mike Weaver Yale Uni Press
chronicles the development of American photography after WWII

'Let Truth be the Prejudice' W. Eugene Smith Aperture press
WES was IMHO the finest documentary photographer

'Our Forbidden Land' Fay Godwin Jonathan Cape

'Land' Fay Godwin Jonathan Cape
Superb landscapes by this sadly missed fine photographer
If you can find a copy 'Glass Works' is Fay's last book and it's in fantastic colour! Only 500 printed so it's getting rare.

'Dialogue with photography' Paul Hill Cornerhouse publishing
enlightening interviews with great photographers

'White Peak Dark Peak'Paul Hill Cornerhouse publishing
Paul's images of the land he walks on

'Trouble and Strife' David Bailey Thames & Hudson
how to do domestic photography, given a top model for a wife

'Open Skies' Don McCullin Jonathan Cape
moody somerset landscapes and still life studies

'Magnum Landscape' Ed Henri Peretz Phaidon press
landscapes from the members

'Hana' Ishomoto Chronicle books
fantastic mono images of flowers

'Young Meteors' Martin Harrison Jonathan Cape
the heyday of British photojournalism 1957-1965

'Ghosts in the Wilderness' Tony & Eva Worobiec AAPL
superb hand tinted mono images of abandoned America, a rarity if you can find a copy it's worth every penny.

'In Focus' National Geographic
one of the NG's excellent 'greatest' series, this deals with location portraiture
There are many many more, Taschen have several good books on art and also the history of photography.  The New Art Gallery Walsall has a good selection.

Tony Middleton

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