Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Trekking in Nepal

A New Wonderland
Joyful Brother and Sister
Busy Market
Butterfly on Marigolds

Elephant Safari at Dawn

***These are the first five with more amazing images to come. They represent a trip of a lifetime.

Joan Shuttleworth


  1. Lovely photos Joan. They capture the colour and vitality of the country as well as the beauty and spirituality

  2. Following Joan's talk on 15th Nov, my husband really wants to go to Nepal. I'm trying to persuade Joan to send him some photos of awful loos but I know that the next set of images will make him more determined to visit Nepal. The landscapes are amazing.

  3. A wonderful set of images taken in Nepal and shown in your recent talk at Aldridge PS. Full of vibrant colourful images you talk on the night gave a real eye opening to the way people are still living in other parts of the world.
    Thank you very much for sharing.

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