Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Favourite Item of Photographic Equipment

Recently a photographer,  keen on bird photography,  told his  audience that his current favourite item was a camouflage tent. He demonstrated one similar, though not exactly the same,  as the pop-up one in this picture.

If you had to narrow down to one favourite item of equipment that you could not do without. What would you choose?


  1. A tripod - great investment, keeps your camera steady when taking long exposures and slows down the thought process, makes you think about the composition and camera settings.

  2. My Fuji X100, it's small, light, unobtrusive and reasonably quick to use; all essential features for street photography. The fixed lens and focal length is not a problem, I grew up with cameras with only one lens until the SLR came along. Fuji have taken the classic street camera, a very high quality semi-wide angle lens in a well made body that does not attract attention. Yes it's not good value for money if it's features you're after but it is and feels quality, since buying it I've used my Nikon out fit very little, it's heavy and obtrusive. Yes I love my little Fuji.

  3. I would have to say my free fold away blue chair. When you are waiting for that one shot. its nice to sit down whilst you are waiting.