Thursday 25 October 2012

Trust Me I'm a Photographer!

Sporting his new "Trust Me I'm a photographer!" T-shirt,  Patrick Hickey stepped into the breach at the last moment to give us a great evening of excellent photos and chat. Patrick showed that you do not have to travel far to achieve amazing images. He took us on a tour of Brownhills, Clayhanger and  Wolverhampton before going on to places in Oxfordshire and Yorkshire.

Patrick dedicated the second half the meeting to photos he has taken with his new Panasonic Lumix G3. He has bought 4 lenses as part of his kit. Besides being pleased with how much lighter this is to carry than his former equipment, Patrick - and his audience - are impressed with the results.

Patrick has become interested in street photography. He makes up great stories about each scene. His imagination runs free with guesses at what people are saying or thinking. His chatty approach to each image encourages his audience to join in. A fun night.

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