Wednesday 10 October 2012

40 Years of Street Photography

The BBC have an interesting article about street photographer Tom Wood plus examples of his work - here.

Men and Women - an exhibition by Tom Wood will be at
Photographers' Gallery in London

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  1. Excellent article, I first saw Tom’s bus pictures; taken with an Olympus half frame Pen E camera, in the much missed Creative Camera mag in the early 80’s.
    To me this is real photography and the images will be of lasting interest to future generations.
    I found Tom’s comments on digital prints all looking the same interesting, he has a point. Some, like me, loved Agfa films while others swore by Ilford or Kodak and you could tell the difference but all digital cameras have much the same look until you let PS loose.
    Just hope that I shall be well enough to make the trip to see his exy.