Thursday, 6 September 2012

September 6th

Our first meeting was the ideal time to share news and photographs of our travels and activities over the summer.

The chief matter open to discussion is how to raise money to purchase a new projector. Our present projector needs a new prism. Quotes for repair on an old projector encourage thoughts on how to purchase a new one. No one had an answer tonight so ideas are very welcome.

The evening was very entertaining as several members of the club showed and talked about their photos.

We visited Scotland with Andy Askey who had superb prints of the area around Loch Maree. Andy's favourite times of the day are very early morning and late evening. Many of the images were colourful but Andy also proved, "Mist doesn't stop you taking pictures" and  he left us all thinking of when we could visit Scotland.
Gary Allkins displayed photos that were taken on a Portraits Workshop in the Spring. The good news is that he was easily persuaded to arrange another Portrait Workshop. Look out for details soon.
Tom Swallow shared his review of a scout camping holiday on the Gower Peninsula. A disco on the beach, cooking a full Sunday roast dinner (with two kinds of pudding to follow) in a cardboard oven and making full use of "the muddiest assault course in the world" were just three of the amazing activities shown in the fun photos.
Phil Gibson shared a miscellany of photos from Goths to tin baths with lively descriptions about why, when and where he  captured them.
Mick Brownridge shared photos taken on some of the club photowalks as well as amazing images of Brownhills Common for which he is famous. Anyone from outside Walsall would be easily convinced that we live in an area of outstanding beauty if they were just shown Mick's Brownhills photos!
Ann and David Galbraith took us on an amazing journey through the narrow streets of hill top towns in Tuscany. One of their great photos was of the farm that featured in the film Gladiator.
We all congratulate Ann and David on the birth of their first grandchild, Thomas.
A super night. New members are welcome!

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