Friday 21 September 2012

Meeting - 20th September

Graham Garbett is now accepting the subs for membership.

It was handing time for the Merit 1 night on the 27th September. Gary will, however, accept digital entries by e-mail up to Tuesday evening. (Members have Gary's e-mail from his e-mail messages regarding competition forms.) Prints can be brought to the club on the evening of 27th September.

Bring and buy - there were opportunities to buy items brought by members of the club - the proceeds from items sold went to the projector fund. Items included a camera bag, a Sony lens and a monopod.

Wedding Photography
Gary Allkins gave an interesting talk on wedding photography.  He has a daily job which involves analysis and he brings his work ethics of professionalism and attention to detail to providing couples with the images of their wedding day that they really appreciate. Gary's rates are very reasonable as he undertakes work as a wedding photographer only because he enjoys it and to finance his hobby of photography. 
Gary's motto is "Fail to prepare and prepare to fail." The total time spent on creating a portfolio of images - including client meetings, pre- visiting the church/registry office, attending a rehearsal as well the day of the wedding plus providing the images equals at least 44 hours.

Gary has  got inspiration from the work of Neil van Nickerk Jeff Ascough, Jerry Ghionis, , Marcus Bell, Yervant, Damien Lovegrove, Joe Bussinick and David Ziser .

Neil van Nickerk's list of the extra - non photographic equipment he takes with him to a wedding assignment is interesting - here.  Gary would add luxury cushions in various colours so that rings, shoes and jewellery can be delightfully displayed for photographs.

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  1. Hi from Andorra - Just been reading the blog to get up t odate with what's been happening at the club. Looks most successful and looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks time.

    Just to brass you off the temperatures here are in mid 20ies even in the mountains!