Friday, 14 September 2012

A Rainy Day in Yorkshire

As he parked his vehicle in Settle, North Yorkshire our glum coach driver announced, "You don't need more than an hour here - there's nothing to see." We disagree especially as the first doorway we found was the entrance to Gary Fitch's Three Peaks Gallery.

Gary opened his gallery/shop in November 2011. He sells his images either beautifully framed or in greeting card format. He uses Fuji Velvia Colour negatives which he views on a light box, scans then prints on fine art paper or canvas.

Gary Fitch

Three Peaks Gallery

Some of Gary's images can be viewed on the Three Peaks Gallery website here.

Next stop, "You can get out here if you want to take a photo but you'll get wet and it's foggy."

Ribblehead Viaduct

On to Hawes - "There's even less to see here but I stick to what it says on the tin. If it was left to me you'd have gone to Ripon."

The Rive Ure tumbles through Hawes
Two sheep grazed on the banks

Before arrival at  Aysgarth Falls  the driver felt he needed to check, "Does anyone really want to see the falls?  Only it costs to park here. Oh OK then but most of you will probably just want to get a cup of coffee."



Finally back to the hotel, which was not the one featured in any communication from the travel firm. I took photos but I don't want to give anyone nightmares!

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