Sunday 22 April 2018

Commonwealth Games Handover

A choir I sing with were asked to the Commonwealth Games Handover ceremony last weekend in Birmingham. Along with 500 energetic 16-25 year olds, we performed (under a predictably grey sky) ,to "Mr Blue Skies" by ELO. They said not to take valuables, but I sneaked the camera in on rehearsal day. Luckily I was outside in the afternoon break as the dress rehearsal had started, otherwise they would have made me leave my bag in the Council House. There were some interesting opportunities, but I only had the 35mm lens and spent most of the day standing on the steps. I got chatting to a volunteer photographer from Solihull club. I might try that for the games in 2022! He had volunteered at the Olympics in London. It had cost him £2000 to let accommodation down there. We know photography is an expensive hobby, but that is extreme.


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