Saturday 28 October 2017

2nd. Merit Competition 2017/8 Results

Here are the results of this competition adjudicated over by Graham Walton.

MONO (Combined Novice & Advanced)

1st.  White Sails                                  Steve Mills
2nd. Playing in all Weathers               John McNaughton
3rd.  Winter's Day, Ogwyn Valley      Tom Swallow
HC   Windy Day, Chesterton Mill       Tom Swallow
C      Wet Race                                     Allan Giles
C      Mommy's Boy                             Paul Randell

COLOUR (Novice)

1st.   Rhythm in Red                              June Hurley
2nd.  Rigged for Action                         Allan Giles
3rd.   Studio Glass                                  Irene Mills
HC    How Lovable are You                   Julie Pegg

COLOUR (Advanced)

1st.   A Little Snack                                George Foster
2nd.  Tree Reflection                              Phil Gibson
3rd.   Hockey Player                               John McNaughton
HC    Gathering Storm                            Phil Gibson
HC    Padley Gorge - Hidden Gem         Tom Swallow
C       Crabby Rocks                                Pat Osborne
C       Curlew                                           Jean Tansley

DPI (Novice)

1st.  Dahlia                                               Irene Mills
2nd. Yesteryear Volley of Fire                Mike Yates
3rd.  Life Saver                                        June Hurley
HC    Contemplation                                Irene Mills

DPI (Advanced)

1st.  High Tatras                                       Jean Tansley
2nd. Dawn Flight                                      Tom Swallow
3rd.  Sepia Study                                       Steve Mills
HC   Making Hay While the Sun Shines   Tony Davis
HC   Cascading Waters                              Paul Randell
C      Banded Demoiselle                           George Foster
C      St. Mary's Lighthouse                        Tony Davis

Congratulations to ALL Entrants. You provided stunning images. It is encouraging to see a Novice featuring on the Leader Board of a combined competition.

And THANK YOU to all those people who helped me muddle through by setting up and dismantling all the equipment.

I will be taking a much needed break when the next Competition is held on November 23rd. So I'm looking for a Volunteer to show how it should be done. Don't worry, I'll collate all the images and prepare the paperwork. All you have to do is put the images on the light box. Luckily I have a willing volunteer to operate the demon laptop. Please let me know if you're up for it.

However, it does mean there can be NO late entries, (You know who you are), so get everything ready early please.


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