Thursday, 4 May 2017

A Trip to Skomer Island

Simon and I went down to South Wales for the weekend and took a boat to Skomer. We were up and off too early for breakfast at the hotel, but it was worth it as we got tickets 47 and 48 of 50 on the boat. It is great to be on the first trip so that there are less people about. Skomer is so beautiful in April, with abundant bluebells, campion and a low growing white flower that I hope someone can identify! The puffins are a delight to watch. There is something very endearing about black and white animals, in general, (watch out for my badgers in Thursday's competition) but the way puffins stick their little legs out to land is quite amusing. You are on the island for 5hrs with no cafĂ© and a no flushing toilet, just the composting kind! The weather was kind to us and the sun shone in the morning. The wind was strong and blew me off balance a couple of times. However, this had the advantage of holding the puffins back a little when they took off so I could better get pictures of them flying. I have "Photoshopped" 2 kids in the bluebell shot with the lovely winding path. I think I prefer it without them. I was desperate to tell the girl off for picking the flowers!

Pat Osborne

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