Friday, 9 December 2016

2016/7 Merit Competition Grand Results

DPI Novice

1st.  Pat Osborne    46pts
2nd. Allan Giles       21pts
3rd.  Mike Yates      12pts

DPI Advanced

1st.  Jean Tansley   23pts
2nd. Andy Askey     20pts
3rd.  Gary Allkins     19pts

Mono Print Novice

1st.  Pat Osborne     24pts
2nd. Allan Giles        23pts
        Mike Yates       23pts

Mono Print Advanced

1st.  Andy Askey       27pts
2nd. Gary Allkins      25pts
3rd   Bill Lakin           18pts
        Tom Swallow    18pts

Colour Print Novice

1st.  Pat Osborne       31pts
2nd. Allan Giles          22pts
3rd   Mike Yates         21pts

Colour Print Advanced

1st.  Paul Randall        32pts
2nd. Jean Tansley       26pts
3rd.  Andy Askey         21pts

Congratulations to everyone. It has been a pleasure to gaze upon all the entries.

David Williams (unplaced)

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