Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Pat's New Camera

I picked up my shiny new Fuji XT2 on Friday and started reading the manual and trying it out at home. On Saturday, still only half way through the book, Simon and I set off to test it out properly in the great outdoors. We didn't have the best weather, just white looking skies most of the time. It is proving to be quite easy to use and the quality of the pictures is much improved over the Panasonic FZ1000; the sensor being 4 times the size. I am still getting into the mindset of using different lenses, rather than just zooming in and out on the bridge camera. I took the 35mm f2 and 16-55 f2.8. With the small lens on it is great to be able to fit it in my handbag. This was my main reason for getting a new camera, for use when my son gets married next year.

I am very grateful to Gary for his advice on what to buy. I nearly bought a Canon 7DII, but lack of an articulated screen, an extra 500g weight and the larger body size swayed me towards mirrorless cameras. Gary suggested the FUJI X-Pro 2, which looked very interesting. I then read a review on the FUJI XT2, that Mervyn gave me, and it had a few new features that appealed. It has several autofocus options for tracking moving objects. There was minor panic when Lightroom wouldn't read the raw files, but a quick update has sorted that out.

Happy snapping

Pat Osborne

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